Ultimate MRE Double Bundle Review

Jacob Moore

Last updated April 17, 2021

Quick Overview





  • 24 different meals
  • A number of accessories
  • Western Frontier certified


  • Doesn’t heat fast
  • Not organized

Do you enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, or hunting? Then you will undoubtedly have heard about survival food kits by MRE (meals ready to eat). MREs are a common source of food and healthy dishes on war frontiers, and the US military has had excellent bundles available to the public for a few decades.

If you are planning a camping trip, or you enjoy going hunting, having a bundle of these will go a long way. But what makes MREs so unique and why should they be your go-to option? Firstly, MRE packs are more affordable than other food survival kits. Along with that, these are inspected and controlled by Western Frontier. The Ultimate MRE pack is the perfect example of a high-quality food survival kit.


Ultimate MRE Double Bundle

The Ultimate MRE double bundle package is a high-quality food survival kit that includes 24 different meals and is perfect for anyone who is on the go.

While the product’s packaging itself doesn’t seem that attractive, we are talking about healthy and well-balanced meals that will be a game changer once you are in an emergency situation or out in nature with no equipment to cook.

Whether you are a soldier or not, Ultimate MRE meals will become your favorite product.

Who is this product for?

The primary purpose of the Ultimate MRE is to feed US soldiers. Still, in the past few years, this product has become more popular all around the world, and now it is a favorite for people going camping, backpacking, or those that have trouble cooking and want to have easy-to-prep meals at any given point.

The Case A and Case B bundle stand at a reasonable price and make a great investment for any person that enjoys balanced and versatile dishes.

What’s included?

This particular offer comes with two different bundles each containing 12 pouches.

Unlike some other food survival kits, these one comes with 24 entrée dishes ranging from meatballs and beef stew, to chicken pasta with pesto sauce and pork sausage patty.

Along with that, there are a number of condiments and snacks like crackers, nut-raisin mix, tortilla chipotle as well as candy rings and lemon juice.

Not to forget, you get a few packets of iodized salt, sugar, coffee, and tea, as well as wet wipes and towelettes.

Overview of features

The Ultimate MRE pack is a unique and versatile food survival kit that will satisfy those with the biggest appetite. With 24 different meals included and a number of extras, it is an investment that you will not regret.

Fresh, and certified by Western Frontier, you shouldn’t doubt the quality of this MRE bundle. In fact, we can safely claim that some of these meals are tastier than what you would get at an average NYC restaurant. Pretty cool for an on-the-go cheap meal, isn’t it?

One of the best things about it is that there is a long shelf life, and you can be sure that the meals included in Case A and Case B aren’t expired as all the bundles are checked on a regular basis.

There is nothing complicated about getting these dishes ready – all you need to do is add water in the heating pack and waiting 10-15 minutes.

There are a variety of tasty and nutritious dishes that the Ultimate MRE pack includes. Our personal favorites include chili with beans, chicken pasta with pesto sauce, beef taco, cheese tortellini in a tomato sauce, as well as beef patty with jalapeno pepper and chunked tuna.

Overall, you can expect to get 24 balanced and nutritious meals that are well-spiced, tasty, and don’t contain too much salt.

Still, the main problem with this survival kit is that heaters are not as effective as you might expect, so unless you have boiling water, you will have to wait at least 20 minutes to have your meal prepared.

Along with that, the bundle is quite disorganized, and while there are a lot of things included, it would be better if there were a number of separate compartments.

How to use it

While the main instructions on how to use this product are pretty clear (add water to the heating package), there is one thing you should consider; if there is any way to get your water to a boiling point before pouring it in the meal pouch, this is definitely better. If you are going to use water that is room temperature, prepare to be patient.


  • 24 different meals
  • A number of accessories
  • Western Frontier certified


  • Doesn’t heat fast
  • Not organized


Patriot Pantry Emergency Kit

The Patriot Pantry Emergency Kit is an extremely affordable, and tasty survival food kit.

Coming with 7 different meals and an easy-prep system, it is a great alternative to the above mentioned MRE pack, except that it is lacking accessories such as towelettes, wet wipes, coffee, and sugar.


There is a good reason why the Ultimate MRE double bundle is one of the best sellers in the sector. Including 24 tasty meals and a number of convenient extras, you will not be hungry once you are out in the wild.

Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore is the founder of BasicFoodPrepper.com, and he has spent more time surviving in the wilderness than an average human being. A familiar face from the rural United States, Jacob has always wanted to live close to nature. Even after spending a few years in the buzzing world of cities and 9 to 5 jobs, he managed to get out to the outer world when he got a chance. Jacob would say that hiking is his passion, and he has spent up to several weeks in the wild.