The Ultimate Guide to a Gluten Free Emergency Food Supply

Jacob Moore

Last updated April 15, 2021

Though you would think living in the modern world would make starvation a thing of the past, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that being prepared for an emergency, whether it’s a pandemic disease, wildfire, hurricane, civil unrest or other issue, helps us get through the hard times. After all, by definition, an emergency is something for which we are not prepared. Being prepared means that something that would have been an emergency is actually just an inconvenience, leaving us stronger and better situated to deal with other problems that tend to develop around these issues.

However, when you need to have a gluten free emergency food supply, it can be a lot harder to come up with the items that are often standard fare for emergency food kits and food buckets. With increasing portions of the population dealing with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, diabetes and similar concerns, disaster preparedness can become a bit more difficult, especially if you want something beyond basic powdered eggs, beans and rice. Though you do have the option of going to creating your own long term food storage using bulk foods, mylar bags and oxygen absorbers to ensure a legacy gluten free emergency food supply,

The Ultimate Guide to a Gluten Free Emergency Food Supply Create-Your-Own Gluten Free Emergency Food Supply

When you’re dealing with a crisis situation, being able to provide food for yourself and your loved ones goes a long way to removing one of many issues that may arise. Whether you want organic gluten free emergency food storage so that you can maintain your diet or because you have a loved one with a gluten sensitivity or related disease, taking these issues into account is as important a part to your emergency preparedness as survival gear, water filtration and power.

As we mentioned above, you do have the option of creating your own emergency food supply using a range of available materials, including developing meal kits, creating a freeze dried meat bucket, buying freeze dried fruit or similar approaches to personalized survival food kits. However, this process can take a lot of time and effort, and may be laced with concerns about whether you’re sealing the mylar bags properly, how old the food may have been when you purchased it or if you have enough oxygen absorbers to provide the same shelf life as legacy food storage. How certain are you that each item you receive in bulk are completely free of gluten? You don’t want to be serving gluten to your medically-fragile child with celiac disease at a time when a hospital trip can mean hours spent waiting in an emergency room just to discover there’s no room in any hospital for hundreds of miles.

For the most part, these processes are fairly simple, and even if the food you purchase is not fresh from the freeze drier, it’s still going to be relatively fresh. But another area of concern to consider is materials. You’ll need to order in the dried meats, powdered eggs, pantry stapes and a range of other ingredients for your famous potato soup mix or enchilada beans and rice. What would you do with the leftovers? Are you going to be stuck with a lot of the same meals day in and day out during an emergency when everyone is already stressed, eliminating the variety of a mix case pack entree bucket?

Beyond simple variety and affordability, there’s the question of time. During the pandemic, many people discovered that simply working from home didn’t mean that they suddenly had a lot of extra time on their hands to deal with meal preparation. With children at home requiring assistance with schoolwork and Zoom meetings, regularly-scheduled conference calls with employers, scarcity of necessary goods requiring more shopping trips than usual and similar issues that arose, many adults found that they had much less free time, because life itself had become much more complex. This doesn’t always leave a lot of extra time for preparing gluten free meal kits to keep the family going during this difficult time.

Once we return to normal, the amount of time spent away from the home may actually increase, as we make up for lost time while catching up on what had been deemed non-essential travel, such as visiting family members in quarantine states, making up vision and dental appointments, getting kids back into activities with their friends and similar activities. This means that even as things return to normal, we still may not find the time to prepare glutenfree emergency food supplies for our emergency survival strategy. But what are the alternatives when your family must have gluten free survival food?

Available Options for Gluten Free Emergency Food Supplies

Fortunately, emergency food companies have heard the cry from families that regularly eat for gluten-free foods for options in freeze dried food beyond berries, rice, beans and dried meats. Emergency foods today are now available in a wide range of options, including organic gluten free emergency food supplies, which makes it easier for you to build great food supplies that meet your family’s needs. By building out your food kit to include the foods that you normally eat, you’ll see a range of benefits when an emergency demands that you dip into your emergency supplies.

Many times, these meals are so good that you’ll want to use these food items on an everyday basis, which allows you to rotate your stock for optimal shelf life of your entree bucket inventory. This is important for multiple reasons, but the most common are that you’ll always know that your food storage is fresh, your bodies will be used to the food which can prevent digestive upsets from rapid diet change in an emergency situation, you’ll already have an idea of what the meals will taste like and you can purchase additional emergency meals that you already enjoy, such as that awesome broccoli bake or the whey milk your kids love in shakes.

When you’re looking at purchasing a ready-made freeze-dried meal bucket containing gluten free foods, consider what kind of foods your family likes and what will be easy to prepare in an emergency. Though white bean chili can be a family favorite, preparing it from dried beans when power or fuel is limited can be a challenge. Consider sticking to simpler options that only require you to boil or bake for a few minutes, and don’t forget to include water filters in your emergency supplies so that you can provide safe water for cooking, cleaning and drinking during an emergency.

One of the best options we’ve seen in a larger meal bucket that has a variety of gluten free foods is the 84-serving bucket of freeze dried entrees offered by Wise Company’s Readywise line. These include a number of delicious entrees that will make them easy to cycle through whether it’s just a crazy day of running around with errands and appointments or during a difficult time, such as an emergency or disaster. But beyond gluten free, the bucket meals are also vegetarian, providing additional options for families that would rather work with a meatless option in their emergency supplies. The meal kit pouches in this kit include four servings per pouch, making it ideal for families or couples that are expecting to work hard during an emergency.

The entrees in this food bucket include:

  • 3 pouches of Teriyaki and Rice: Featuring a strong ginger flavor, the Teriyaki and Rice meal has plenty of flavor to please those who like a stronger kick with their meals. One reviewer noted that the ginger flavor could be toned down by adding soy sauce, which is relatively shelf-stable on its own. 4 pouches of Loaded Baked Potato Casserole: A solid favorite with reviewers, the Loaded Baked Potato Casserole packs a lot of savory taste that almost everyone appreciates. Flavors like ham or bacon are prevalent, while one reviewer notes the option of adding a bit of cheese and possibly green onion to the top. 4 pouches of Tomato Basil Soup: Another reviewer favorite, the Tomato Basil Soup includes gluten free pasta to bulk out the meal and provide a few more carbs to run on. Reviewers mention using a whisk to stir the water in, as well as the possibility of preparing it in a thermos for easy meals during a long day of hiking in the cold weather. 3 pouches of Potatoes and Chicken Flavored Pot Pie: Reviewers note the stronger celery flavor in the Potatoes and Chicken Flavored Pot Pie, but some may prefer to add salt and pepper to bring out more flavor, a rare need in survival foods that tend to be overly salty.
  • 7 pouches of Creamy Yogurt Style Dessert: The Creamy Yogurt Style Dessert mixes up somewhat thin, according to reviewers, but has a pleasant vanilla scent that mixes well with freeze-dried berries for an after-dinner treat or a fast morning meal before you get back into the swing of things. Chilling may help thicken the dessert.
  • Each meal is sealed in Metallyte pouches with an expected 25-year shelf life and provide a total calorie count of 13,320. Crush-resistant, stackable buckets keep your food kit safe when it’s in storage while the grab-and-go handles make it easy to get underway in a crisis without risking buckets falling and breaking in the rush. A ripcord makes them simple to open in almost any situation, whether you just need a fast, easy meal for your family, food on the go while camping or survival foods during a crisis. At the same time, the freeze dried foods in the bucket only come to a total weight of eight pounds, making them easy to transport whether you’re backpacking in rough country or bugging out to a safe place in a disaster. The buckets are made in the U.S.A., providing you with peace of mind over their contents, and because they’re from Wise Company’s Readywise line, you know they’ll provide a great value for your family’s needs.
  • People who have tried the 84-serving meal bucket kit mentioned the tasty flavor, though your personal taste may require adding some condiments or spices. These are all freeze dried entrees that are fast to prepare with a bit of hot (or in the case of the dessert, cold) water. Within a few minutes, you can have a healthy, tasty, gluten free meal for your family, even when your situation is not optimal. By investing in a meal bucket that not only allows your family to eat the same healthy meals as you would make at home, but is also is prepared easily, you can make sure that your family is well taken care of even in an emergency.


The bottom line is that you don’t have to do a lot of the legwork or survive on freeze-dried meats, fruits, beans and rice anymore to be able to eat gluten free emergency foods. You just need to put careful consideration and a little bit of time into what you’re making part of your home storage food kit to ensure you’re getting a good balance of foods that will meet your family’s dietary restrictions. With the wide range of available options being offered by food companies, you’re sure to find a good fit for you and your family’s needs when you’re facing a crisis.

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