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How Long Does Home Canned Food Last?

Long-term food storage isn’t really a necessity for most people in the modern world, but it can help you stretch your dollar and your food supply. Meal prepping can spare you precious time and money, and in case of an emergency, it can even save your life. Canned foods are a great option for long-term food storage, […]

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How To Store Oatmeal Long-Term

It is always best to be prepared for any type of emergency, and proper food storage not only prepares you for natural disasters or financial hardships, but also makes your food (and therefore your dollar) last longer and go farther.Why Store Oats?Oats are amazing food for storage for many reasons. They last a long time, […]

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How Much Food Should I Eat Per Meal?

Let’s face it, most of us want to lose a few pounds. But with all the crazy diets and conflicting information about calories, portions, and types of foods, you’re probably wondering how much food should I eat per meal? There is no one-size-fits-all diet or meal plan. The correct amount of calories and types of food […]

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