ReadyWise Food Review

Jacob Moore

Last updated July 12, 2021

Have you ever faced a food emergency?

What can you do when you’re out of options?

Here comes the good news, ReadyWise has come up with a lasting solution for any food emergency.

Tornadoes, severe storms, hurricanes, and tropical storms are imminent threats to the food supply. Therefore, always prepare for unforeseen natural disasters by having survival food in stock.

Uninformed people think that emergency food is only limited to dire times. However, you also need emergency foods for outdoor camping.

We review ReadyWise food to give you a list of available emergency and non-emergency food options.

About ReadyWise

vegan meals from readywise

Whenever you face a food emergency, call ReadyWise! ReadyWise emergency food plays a crucial role in servicing your nutritional needs and even survival in dire times.

ReadyWise (previously Wise Food Company) specializes in producing high-quality, long-lasting emergency food supplies.

Emergencies take place unexpectedly, but with ReadyWise Emergency Long Life Essential Food, which has a shelf life of 25-years, you can prepare for any circumstances at any time.

ReadyWise Food comes in conveniently freeze-dried packets. So you don’t only have to save this food for emergency or survival circumstances. But you can also carry it with you on outdoor excursions like hiking and camping.

These freeze-dried meals are portable, shelf-stable, and simple to cook, making them great for outdoor activities.

ReadyWise Products

Adequately prepare yourself for any emergency or outdoor adventure by stocking up on ReadyWise products.

Whether you need a quick meal fix after a long day or are out camping, you can take ReadyWise products to fill you up whenever you need a nutritious meal.

ReadyWise offers various food products such as emergency food, adventure food, everyday food, and American Red Cross Foods.

This food review highlights the ReadyWise products, focusing on distinctive features and nutrition that make these products the best.

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply

seven days supply


ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply is unique to help people out in various emergency scenarios.

Ensure that you provide for your family in advance to prevent starvation during unforeseen emergencies. You can prepare for bad situations by purchasing these ReadyWise emergency food products.

There’s no such thing as preparing too well for unforeseen circumstances. Emergencies strike at any time, potentially leaving you and your family without food for lengthy periods.

How safe are you? Do you have sufficient food to sustain you and your family for several days or weeks?

Here is a list of the available ReadyWise emergency food supplies that you should consider stocking.

1. Emergency Fruit Bucket

It is wise to get this ReadyWise Emergency Fruit Bucket to get your family through any situation. This product provides you with loads of calories, vitamins, and minerals to ward off any unfortunate circumstances.

Servings of freeze-dried fruits are ideal for your family’s emergency stockpile, so purchase this fruit supply to get you through any hurricane, snowstorm, or other emergencies.

The product comes with:

  • A variety of fruits, including bananas, strawberries, apples, and peaches.
  • Just add water. In any scenario, simply add water, wait 12 to15 minutes, and have an excellent, hearty meal. No cooking is required.
  • Easy storage and portability.
  • Long shelf life for up to 20 years! With a 20-year shelf life, your purchase will never go to waste.
  • Wide variety of products. You can choose the 120, 480, 720, or 1440 serving sizes.
  • Multi-use ready-to-eat food. Store your camp and survival meals at home or in your vehicle for emergency circumstances. Take individually packaged pouches on hiking, backpacking, and camping adventures.

2. Emergency Food Supply


package of emergency readywise food

If you are a prudent person, this is the right choice for you. Whether you want to go camping or prepare for survival circumstances, these ReadyWise emergency food products will meet the most discerning standards.

ReadyWise emergency food comes in different varieties. For example, if you want to go on a hike or go camping, you can either go for the 16 Serving Emergency Food Supply or 72 Hour Emergency Food and Drink Supply.

ReadyWise food is for any occasion. Provide your entire family with nutritious meals for survival during that hurricane or storm.

Imagine an emergency lasting for one month! How will you and your family survive that long without adequate nutrition?

ReadyWise food has a long-term 1440 serving package to get you through this daunting situation.

Here are some specifics about the ReadyWise emergency food supply products:

  • Long shelf life: 25 years guaranteed freshness and nutrition for the whole family.
  • It comes in pouches of 4 servings to avoid wastage.
  • Easier portability with grab-and-go handles.
  • Safety seals of Metallyte.
  • Variety of meals, which include lasagna, pasta, pot pie, rice, and many more.

ReadyWise Adventure Food Supply

ReadyWise also supplies the best adventure food products. Planning for an outdoor adventure can be tricky.

Preparing the food while outdoors is a big task, but ReadyWise Adventure Food Supplies take care of this problem with easy-to-prepare meals that are also lightweight to carry.

You won’t have any more hassles of carrying bulk luggage to prepare food while outdoors, thanks to ReadyWise food.

Are you a vegan? Get the ReadyWise Adventure Meals For Vegans. Enjoy nutritious vegan meals that come in organized pouches for testing individual meals at a time. This bundle is the ultimate adventure food for anyone who values health and nutrition.

If you are going for a group adventure, ReadyWise food provides a 3-Day Adventure Package. This bundle has sufficient servings for a group of three to four people.

Check out these specifics of the ReadyWise adventure food packages:

  • Variety bag: ReadyWise has various pouches meant for lunch, breakfast, and dinner with diverse types of meals.
  • Servings: Packages contain up to 23 servings, depending on the size of your group.
  • Cook-in & eat-in pouch: Simply add hot water and eat directly from the resealable bags–no plates or dishes to wash! The seals prevent wastage so that you can eat leftover food later.
  • Portable and lightweight: Ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, or any other outdoor activity, and you can store these foods for up to 15 years.
  • High nutritional value: ReadyWise adventure food provides for a balanced diet to ensure you consume sufficient nutrition.

ReadyWise American Red Cross Foods

ReadyWise American Red Cross Food

ReadyWise food products are high-quality, nutritious meals that the American Red Cross uses to save people from starvation in various circumstances.

These American Red Cross food supplies are easy to pack, store, and transport to areas in dire need following different disaster situations.

In case of a catastrophic event, the American Red Cross leaps into action to supply food to victims. ReadyWise food caters to such large numbers of servings using the American Red Cross package, which is specifically designed for this purpose.

ReadyWise is always ready to make a difference by providing necessary emergency food supplies to those in need of aid. Official partnership with the American Red Cross places the ReadyWise company uniquely to make a difference where it is most necessary.

Here is a detailed review of the ReadyWise Red Cross emergency food packages:

  • Long-term shelf life: 72-hour food supply for four people from the American Red Cross.
  • Large servings: Some packages come with 120 servings that feed four people for up to three days at a time. Smaller groups can use the 60 serving entrée bucket.
  • High calories content: 2,100 calories per person each day. This is the ideal number of calories for survival situations.
  • Easy preparation: To make, boil a pot of water, add the dry mix, and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on the number of hungry people you have to feed, you can make a few servings or the full bag which serves ten people at a time.
  • High nutritional values meet a recommended portion of daily requirements.
  • A sample 3-day meal plan for four people, which includes breakfast, lunch, and supper.
  • Easy portability and storage thanks to ReadyWise’s grab-and-go packaging.
  • Safety seals to provide longer shelf life.
  • Wide variety of food types. Lasagna, pasta, or stroganoff are all available in the ReadyWise American Red Cross package.

ReadyWise Everyday Food

readywise everyday food

Having a long day and need a quick fix? ReadyWise’s everyday food is a wise choice.

If you are a working mom, sometimes it can be tiring to come home and cook a meal for the entire family. Consider the ReadyWise food as an alternative to give yourself a break.

This food is surprisingly nutritious and easy to prepare. The quick and easy 10 to 20 minutes of cooking time can save you up to two hours of preparing a meal from scratch.

Here are the specifics of the ReadyWise Everyday Food line:

  • High food safety: Mylar pouches seal the food to guarantee security against dirt and germ contamination.
  • Long shelf life: With a 25-year shelf life, this emergency food lasts long enough to eliminate anxiety and waste.
  • Servings: There are various serving sizes so that you can buy your quick meals depending on your family size. Each pouch easily provides a specific number of servings to minimize wastage.

ReadyWise Pros and Cons

After careful analysis, these are the pros and cons you can expect from ReadyWise food products:


  • Package sizes vary depending on how many people are going on a trip and how long they’ll be gone, reducing wastage.
  • The ReadyWise website is easy to navigate while looking for the tastiest ReadyWise meal packages.
  • ReadyWise food products are cheaper than their major competitors.
  • The ReadyWise food is stackable, enabling efficient storage, so you maximize storage space for other vital foods.
  • The food is light and compact and comes in assorted sizes and options to meet most requirements.
  • Making ReadyWise food often requires less than 15 minutes which results in a tasty meal.
  • The use of high-quality ingredients guarantees adequate nutrition intake while remaining tasty enough to eat every day if you don’t like cooking.
  • Most of the ReadyWise food products have a shelf life of more than 20 years, making them the first choice in many homes.


  • Sometimes the pricing is not affordable for everyone. For example, the prices of emergency ReadyWise products are relatively expensive due to the cost of producing this type of food.
  • You are limited to purchasing these foods on Amazon, which is not always convenient for all consumers.
  • ReadyWise products should be in a cold, dry place. People find it confusing to store this food safely if they live in a humid environment and want to keep the food for prolonged periods. Not everyone has a freezer or enough refrigeration space in humid climates to store this food correctly.
  • People occasionally need to buy extra food for family members with larger appetites because the number of people they need to feed exceeds package serving sizes, which can be costly.
  • Sometimes when ordering ReadyWise food products, consumers complain about incorrect orders, which reduces consumer satisfaction with this brand.

How does ReadyWise food taste?

taste of readywise food

I tried these meals when survival food was just starting, so I wasn’t expecting them to be delicious.

But, to my surprise, the food was hearty! ReadyWise offers a wide range of delicious meal alternatives, including classics like stroganoff and Alfredo pasta.

You can also go for special meals like tortilla soup and brown sugar with maple multi-grain cereal.

It’s worth mentioning that ReadyWise also offers customized buckets if you’re looking for gluten-free or solely organic emergency food supplies.

ReadyWise food is tasty and nutritious.

American Red Cross License

Everyone should be prepared for crises and calamities, according to the American Red Cross.

Individuals and families can make a difference by accumulating critical emergency supplies, developing a plan, and staying educated because catastrophic catastrophes can happen at any time.

Being a Red Cross Volunteer To be ready means to join the millions of individuals who are preparing themselves today to meet and overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

For this reason, the Red Cross collaborates with ReadyWise to make sure that they can cater to people’s hunger following disaster situations.


ReadyWise food is revolutionary in many ways. However, every American should prepare themselves for emergencies because you never know when one will affect your family.

Whether you have a family of two or ten people, ReadyWise has numerous food packages that can cater to your taste preferences.

From this review, it is clear that ReadyWise will cover you with all the emergency food supplies necessary for survival.

ReadyWise uses a unique blend of freeze-dried and dehydrated technology that sets them apart from other firms.

The ReadyWise company also provides Grab-and-Go Food Kits for everyday use, such as camping and hiking. ReadyWise also specializes in emergency kits for singles, married people, and families.

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