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Last updated June 30, 2021

Patriot Pantry is a company that provides emergency food supplies, including food packages, survival gear, water filtration, air purification tools, and sprouting seeds.

About My Patriot Supply

Patriot Pantry was launched in 2008. The goal was to provide food during a crisis. When natural disasters strike a nation, the first thing that people need is food.

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes often cause a shortage of food and water. Patriot Pantry was launched to assist in dire times! People might be able to take shelter during a storm, but food often becomes sparse. In these times, a company like Patriot Pantry comes in handy.

Their motto is “It’s Not Just Food. It’s Freedom.” Patriot Pantry focuses on self-reliance and preparedness. They aim at creating high-quality survival products. The company aims at developing innovative products at reasonable prices.

Their goal is to be there for people in times of crisis. Food is a basic necessity. And Patriot Pantry wants to make sure no one goes hungry, especially during an emergency.

What Is Patriot Pantry

Ammo can

The company was started to provide emergency kits in times of crisis. Little did they know that 2020 would be plagued with a worldwide pandemic.

Other natural disasters like a snowstorm and torrential rains also destroyed the nation. In such dire times, Patriot Pantry was a blessing. They provided several foods and emergency kits to people in need.

The survival emergency providers have been helping people in need. Patriot Pantry was formed to serve their country in times of crisis. They manufacture different types of food kits. Short-term food kits, long-term food kits, meat and protein kits, and fruit and vegetable kits are created by Patriot Pantry.

They also offer bulk food cans, case pack food pouches, gluten-free pouches, microgreens, and survival coffee. These are just their food products. Patriot Pantry also provides survival items like cooking gear, power and lighting, survival books, and first aid kits. The company also supplies stoves, lighters, and fuels.

When a rainstorm hits a state, electricity is the first thing that goes out. Sometimes it gets shut off due to rain. While at other times, the government shuts it down to avoid disasters. Water and electricity are a lethal combination.

With no power, people cannot cook or store food. In such times Patriot Pantry’s food kits are a boon. This is why they also provide you with the option of purchasing stoves and fuels. Heating is an issue during a snowstorm. In that case, you can buy power and lighting from Patriot Pantry. First kids are also available. Patriot Pantry’s products are reasonably priced. They understand the needs of people in case of an emergency.

Patriot Pantry has made sure to create food packets for everyone. You have a gluten-free option, a healthy meat option, a high fiber option that contains fruits and vegetables, and so on.

A lot of times, food products are not available at supermarkets. People might face a shortage of their favorite food. In that case, you can immediately order food supplies from Patriot Pantry. You can also order other survival products.

It is always better to order survival kits in advance. You never know when you might need it. Disasters don’t come with a warning. So, you need to think ahead. We didn’t realize that a contagious virus was going to disrupt the planet. That is precisely why you should keep your home stacked up with all the vital survival supplies.


preparing meal with patriot pantry kit

  • Food kits provided by Patriot Pantry can be stored for a long time. They have a shelf life of 25 years. It means you can stock your home in advance. The emergency food kits can survive for a long time.
  • Patriot Pantry guarantees freshness. Just because it is an emergency kit doesn’t mean the food is stale. They have an oxygen absorber that keeps the food fresh. You can store the packaged food kits for a long time, and it will not go bad.
  • All the products are made in America. They are high-quality products that everyone can consume.
  • They provide clear instructions on all their packages. The instructions are easy to follow. You can easily cook the food by following their instructions.
  • Patriot Pantry supplies well-packaged food. The food is packed well, which is why it remains fresh for such a long time. The packaging prevents the food from spilling or falling out of the container.
  • The prices are incredibly reasonable. Patriot Pantry doesn’t overcharge for their products.
  • They have excellent customer support. No matter what your concern is, their customer care representatives are happy to help.
  • Patriot Pantry is known for fast shipping. Customers love their shipping service. When you order food or supplies during an emergency, you need speedy delivery.
  • Their food is nutritious and has excellent health benefits. Even though it is emergency food, Patriot Pantry ensures healthy food.
  • Patriot Pantry aims at providing a great shopping experience.


  • The cooking time is 20 minutes. When you are in the middle of a crisis, you have limited resources. In such times 20 minutes is too long of a cooking time.
  • Patriot Pantry’s 72-hour kit only has 1600 calories. A person requires 2000 calories in a day. 1600 calories per day are pretty low.
  • You have to pay extra money if you decide to return the product.
  • Some of the food products stick to the pan when you cook them.
  • You should store food below 75 degrees. Anything stored above 75 degrees will shorten the shelf life.
  • Patriot Pantry does not provide free shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.
  • The emergency kit is not convenient to carry. In case of an emergency, it will be hard for you to bring the kit with you. Emergency kits should be easy to carry.

Emergency Food Kits

emergency food kits

Patriot Pantry provides a variety of emergency food kits. They supply three main types of emergency food kits – the long-term food storage kit, a short-term food storage kit, and a special emergency food kit.

They also give you the option to choose from many other kits. You can pick the fruit and vegetable kit, the meat kit, and so on. Patriot Pantry provides multiple food supply kits.

You can order the 72-hour kit, 1-week food supply, 2-week food supply, and 4-week food supply. Their other kits include the 3-month food supply, 6-month food supply, and 1-year food supply.

Each bucket consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Both also provide you with milk and juice. The food is packed in water-proof kits. It means it will survive rainstorms and snowstorms. The packaging is resealable. You can eat some of it and store some for later.

The resealable buckets and packs keep your food fresh. Patriot Pantry gives you the option to choose from pre-set buckets or individual items. You can select food items as per your budget. You can either store buckets of food or go for single packets.

If you want to taste the food before purchasing a bucket, you should go for a single product. Once you get a good idea of the number of calories, nutritional benefits, and taste, you can go for buckets.

Long-Term Food Storage

long and short term storage

The long-term food storage kits are quick and easy to make. They are healthy and tasty. With a shelf life of 25 years, you can store these kits for a long time.

Pantry Patriot puts a lot of time and effort into preparing their food kits. For long-term emergencies, the food storage kits are made for people who wish to stock their homes with long-lasting food. These kits are helpful in times of natural disasters.

The 3-month Emergency Food Supply Kit provides 2000+ calories per day. It consists of 40 servings of Mac & Cheese, 12 servings of Traveler’s stew, 16 servings of Creamy Stroganoff. The soup options include 60 servings of Homestyle Potato Soup, 12 Servings of Cheesy Broccoli soup, and 8 servings of Black Bean soup.

In solid food, you get the option to choose from 12 servings of creamy alfredo pasta, 16 servings of Chili Mac, and 8 servings of Spaghetti. And this is just the entrée option. The 3-month food supply kit also includes breakfast options, sides, snacks, desserts, and drinks. The 3-month food supply kit costs $897.

The 6-month Emergency Food supply kit includes 1752 servings and weighs 241 pounds. It provides you with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Meals are provided in resealable packages filled with oxygen absorbers.

It helps keep the food fresh. The 6-month food kit includes food items offered in the 3-month kit, plus a few other options. You will also find mashed potatoes, mushroom rice pilaf, and other delicious options. The 6-month food kit costs $1,297.

Patriot Pantry also provides you the option of a 1-year food kit. This kit costs $3,297. It serves 2000+ calories per day. Each kit offers 3,504 servings. Like the 3-month and the 6-month food kit, this also provides healthy lunch, dinner, breakfast, and snack options. Meals are served in 4-layer heavy-duty pouches.

They are easy to prepare and are filled with nutrients. You will need 169.6 gallons of water to cook all the items in the kit.

Short-Term Food Storage


short term storage

A pandemic is the latest global crisis the world has faced. Food supplies at supermarkets were over in no time. People were able to rely on Pantry Patriot for their basic needs. With Patriot Pantry’s long-term storage food kits, people were well fed. Each kit provides 2000+ calories per day.

The Short-Term Food storage packets are convenient and easy to cook. You can purchase a 72-hour food supply kit, the 1-week emergency food kit, the 2-week emergency food supply kit, and the 4-week food kit. Patriot Pantry also gives you the option to purchase emergency food bars and MRE case packs with heaters.

You can purchase a bag of emergency food supplements for $29.95. You can buy a single coffee pouch for $7. Patriot Pantry also gives you the option of purchasing Preparedness Case for Emergencies. This case costs $159.95 and includes 65 servings.

Short-term food storage kits include delicious food items. You will find various tasty foods like creamy chicken flavored rice, buttermilk pancakes, maple grove oatmeal, and homestyle potato soup. It also comes with 8 servings of energetic orange juice.

Special Emergency Food Kits

patriot pantry beef

Patriot Pantry’s special emergency food kits include different types of foods. You will get a variety of food products like veggies, meats, and MREs.

Gluten-free food options are also available. Just like the other food kits, you will be provided with breakfast, soups, lunch, dinner, and so on. The best about the special emergency food kit is that you can customize the food items.

The Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix costs $77. It offers 116 servings per kit. You can also go for the Mega Protein with Real Meat kit. It is one of their healthiest options. This meal costs $217 and offers 88 servings per bucket.

Another great option is the Beans Trio and Rice Kit. You will pay $59.95 for 100 servings. It is a mix of protein and carbs. The Ultimate Breakfast Kit is delicious. It consists of healthy breakfast options like pancakes, oats, juices. The bucket costs $127 for 140 servings.

Special Emergency kits also include a gluten-free option. You can also buy MRE case packs with heaters. Patriot Pantry has also come with an Ultimate Solar Cooking Option.


You can purchase one for each family member. This way, you will not face a shortage in times of crisis. Disasters can strike anytime.

There can be an economic collapse, social unrest, or power failures. In such times people get stuck inside their homes for days on end. They survive on whatever food they have in the house. But after a point, this food gets over.

That is why it is crucial to stock up your pantry with emergency food kits. Make sure you store all the kits in a dark place. The temperature of the place should be between 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit. They retain their shelf-life even after being opened.

So, you don’t have to worry about the food going bad. Whether there is a lack of food in the supermarket or global crises, Pantry Patriot offers solutions for all kinds of emergencies.

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