Millennium Assorted Energy Bars Review

Jacob Moore

Last updated April 17, 2021

Survival food is always a good thing to invest in, especially those things which have shelf lives of years. After all, you never know when an emergency will occur, and having enough food on hand to survive is always a primary concern.

Whether you stock up on full food supply kits or just a supply of long-lasting snacks, you want to have foods to keep you ticking when times get tough. Today we are here to review some really tasty energy bars.

Millennium Assorted Energy Bars

Millennium Assorted Energy Bars are at some of the most popular energy bars out there. They can be found online and in various local retailers throughout North America.

They might seem like they are only simple energy bars, but what is quite surprising is not only the variety of flavors they come in, but the fact that they actually taste good. Most energy bars don’t taste all that good, but these seem to be at the top for both flavor and nutritional value.

Who is This Product For?

These Millennium Assorted Energy Bars are designed primarily as survival energy bars. They are very high in calories, which is exactly what you are going to need in a tough survival situation.

First and foremost, besides the fact that they come in many flavors and taste quite good, they have a very long shelf life. If stored properly, these Millennium Assorted Energy Bars can last for many years, perfect for long-term food storage.

Now, with that being said, they aren’t good only for survival scenarios, but also for people who just want a quick snack, albeit a very filling snack, mainly for people who need a good deal of energy. You could eat these as a quick breakfast, before going to the gym, or whenever else you need a calorie rich food to supply you with extra energy.

What’s Included?

When you purchase these Millennium Assorted Energy Bars, you get 6 bars with each purchase. They come in assorted flavors, but exactly which flavors you get is somewhat unclear. As it seems, the flavors you get are going to be random. Each bar is individually wrapped in durable packaging designed to maximize their shelf lives, something that we will touch on below.

Overview of Features

Although these may just appear to be plain energy bars, there are actually some major features worth talking about, with the packaging being one of them. The packaging used here is mylar, and when it comes to long-term food storage, there are not many things better than mylar.

For one, the bars are vacuum sealed, so there is no oxygen inside of the packaging, and the mylar won’t let any air in. Moreover, the mylar packaging is also waterproof and lightproof, so neither moisture nor UV rays will degrade the food inside. Also, the mylar packaging, while it is not rodent proof, is insect proof.

Keep in mind that there are many flavors available such as lemon, raspberry, cherry, tropical, orange, vanilla, blueberry, apple, coconut, and a few more. With each purchase of 6 bars, there should be at least a few which you will really enjoy.

In terms of the energy which they can provide you with, each bar contains 400 calories. Remember that a human being needs at least 1,200 calories per day for survival, with an ideal amount of daily calories being 1,500 to 2,000 for women, and 2,000 to 2,500 for men.

So, although you would more or less have to eat half of the 6 pack per day to survive, the Millennium Assorted Energy Bars will keep you going, and they make for a really tasty snack too.


The most important thing to remember with these Millennium Assorted Energy Bars is how to store them properly. The packaging, while it is great for keeping out moisture, oxygen, and light, is still susceptible to being ripped, especially by animals like rats.

So, to ensure that these bars stay good for as long as possible, put them inside some sort of hard plastic bucket.


  • Lots of calories in a single bar
  • Many tasty flavors
  • Long shelf life – up to 5 years
  • Air/moisture/light proof packaging
  • Ideal for many purposes


  • Packaging isn’t rodent proof
  • Good snack, but not a full meal


If you are looking for a full-scale emergency food supply kit to keep you and your family going for a few weeks, you might want to check out either the Wise Company Emergency Food Supply or the Wise Foods Gluten Free Protein Bucket.


Whether you want a tasty snack for energy before the gym, or survival food with a long shelf life, these Millennium Assorted Energy Bars fit all of those needs.

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