How To Store Butter For A Long Time

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Last updated June 29, 2021

Dehydrated butter is nothing but powdered butter. It is often used to bake goods.

When water is removed from the butter, it is known as dehydrated butter. The process of extracting water from the butter is called dehydration.

What Is Dehydrated Butter

Butter contains approximately 80% fat, 1-2% milk solids, and water. You cannot use dehydrated butter for frying. You can only use it for baking.

Many baking dishes require you to use butter. To add butter to the baking mixture, you need to turn it into a paste. Add some water to the powder and create a thick paste. Make sure it doesn’t become too hard.

Some people also store dehydrated peanut butter. Dehydrated products have a long shelf life. You can keep it for a long time. It does not spoil quickly. You can also dehydrate buttermilk. You can then use the powdered butter to make many different recipes.

Dehydrated butter has a slightly milky taste. It doesn’t exactly taste like butter. You can use it for baking but not for eating. People often use dehydrated butter in the form of paste. Butter and dehydrated butter have different nutritional properties.

Dehydrated butter contains 35 calories. At the same time, regular butter contains 100 calories. The calories in dehydrated butter come from the milk solids. You cannot use dehydrated butter to grease a pan. It will get burnt and stick to the pan.

Powdered butter in a pan will create a mess. Instead, it would be best if you used dehydrated butter to add richness to a dish. If you want to use melted butter, then go for regular butter. It melts quickly and gives you the greasy feel you need.

Reasons To Stockpile Dehydrated Butter

how dehydrated butter looks

Dehydrated butter has a long shelf life, provided you store it well. Use an airtight container to store dehydrated butter.

Dry food products quickly absorb moisture. So, it is wise to hold it in tightly sealed jars. You could also add oxygen absorbers to the jars. It will keep the dehydrated butter fresh and dry.

There are plenty of reasons to stockpile dehydrated butter. Since you can store it for a long time, people prefer stockpiling dehydrated butter. It is a multipurpose ingredient. You can sprinkle it on your food for flavor, or you can use it to thicken your sauce.

Baking is another great way to use dehydrated butter. Dehydrated butter comes in handy in case of an emergency. You can use it to add some flavor to your potatoes.

There are multiple reasons for stockpiling dehydrated butter. When your electricity goes out, the food in the refrigerator goes bad. Regular butter will melt in this case. If you have dehydrated butter stored in your pantry, you can use it to make multiple dishes.

People who live in areas that are prone to natural disasters should also store dehydrated butter. You can easily use it to add taste to your food. You can also use it to thicken a soup or gravy.

During a flood, most food items might get wet. Since dehydrated butter is a dry item, it will survive. It usually comes in cans that you can preserve for a long time. Many companies also make healthy dehydrated butter. You can use it to make smoothies or shakes.

Dehydrated butter is excellent for adding flavor to snacks. If you have young children in the house, they can easily use dehydrated butter. For example, they can add it to popcorn or potatoes. Dehydrated butter is healthy and easy to use.

People who are on medication can also store dehydrated butter. It works well in case of a flood emergency. Sometimes we forget to purchase groceries.

In this case, you can use dehydrated butter for cooking with whatever you have at home. For example, it can act as a quick fix in soup and sauces. You can also use it to roast chicken or turkey.

It is always good to have a few cans of dehydrated butter in your pantry. You never know when you might need it.

Proper Ways To Store Dehydrated Butter

storage for butter powder

It would be best if you stored dehydrated butter in a dark and dry place. It should be kept in an airtight container.

Make sure that moisture does not form inside the container. Usually, companies sell dehydrated butter in tight cans. If you are making it at home, then store it in a tightly sealed jar. You can also add a few packets of oxygen absorbers to the jar.

These sachets are filled with a powdered iron. The iron absorbs the oxygen inside the jar and prevents the butter from getting oxidized.

Thus, your dehydrated butter will remain fresh and dry. Do not store dehydrated butter in zip locks. Tighten the tin as soon as you are done using it. Make sure you don’t expose it to the outside air for too long.

You can also freeze dehydrated butter. You can store dehydrated butter in mylar packs. Remove all the air from the pack and fill it with dehydrated butter. Now add a few sachets of oxygen absorbers to the packet and seal it.

Please keep it in the freezer and store it for an emergency. Dehydrated butter works best for long-term storage. Amongst all the items that can go into long-term storage, dehydrated butter is the best. Ideally, it would help if you stored your dehydrated butter in a dry place.

Freezing should be your second option. Even though it is not the way people usually keep dehydrated butter, it does work.

Shelf Life And How To Prolong It

shelf life of dehydrated butter

The best way to prolong the shelf life of butter is by canning it. You can store it in mason jars or canned containers.

However, you cannot store regular butter for too long. When you store it for long, the fat can go rancid. That is where dehydrated butter comes in.

Since the water is removed from the butter, it becomes dehydrated. The dried butter turns into powder. It works well for long-term storage. You can store some powdered butter for up to 25-30 years. After that, it is store-bought dehydrated butter.

If you are making dehydrated butter at home, you can store it for up to 5 years. Make sure to store it properly. Keep using it for years. Don’t store and forget. Keep an eye on the stored product.

Even if it is well stored, it is better to keep checking the health of your dehydrated butter. You can increase its shelf life by holding it in a tight container or freezing it. A dry cabinet will be a better option.

It will make the dehydrated powder last longer. Freezing it will also keep it fresh, but not for too long. So whatever you choose, make sure to store it well. And keep a constant check on your product.

Some brands say that you can store unopened cans of dehydrated butter for 5 years. Check the instructions on the can. It will tell you exactly how long you can keep it for. Make sure to store it in a place that has a controlled temperature.

The ideal temperature to store canned, dehydrated butter is 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The room should be free of humidity. Make sure your canned products are not exposed to direct sunlight either.

The period for which you can store it varies from brand to brand. Make sure to keep it in a dry cabinet. Also, make sure not to use a contaminated spoon. It might tarnish the longevity of the dehydrated powder.

How To Reconstitute Powdered Butter

dehydrated butter

You can reconstitute powdered butter in many ways. Different brands offer different instructions for reconstitution.

For firm and moldable butter, add 3 tablespoons of water to 1 cup of powdered butter. You can then add it to a baking mixture. However, some people like their butter paste to be soft and runny. In that case, you can add 6 tablespoons of water to 1 cup of powdered butter.

To make spreadable butter, you need to add 3 tablespoons of water to 1 cup of powdered butter. The butter will look like whipped buttercream frosting. You can reconstitute powdered butter in any way you like.

The consistency varies depending on your usage. Every dish requires a different consistency of powdered butter. Make sure to add the correct type of butter to the suitable dish.

Ideally, people add water to powdered butter and turn it into a thick paste. If it is dehydrated flavored butter, then you can spread the mix on toast. Unflavored powdered butter doesn’t taste so good. You can turn it into a paste and use it for cooking.

Some people add equal amounts of water and powdered butter. It can make the mix extremely thin and runny. The best way to go about it is by adding small amounts of water.

Whip the mixture and see if you have found the consistency you like. Keep adding water till you find the perfect blend. Adding water as you go is the ideal way of reconstituting powdered butter.

How To Make Your Own Dehydrated Butter

Make Your Own Dehydrated Butter

Making your own dehydrated butter at home might take a little extra effort.

The first step is to cut cold butter into ½ inch long planks. Now spread the planks on a piece of parchment paper. Next, place the parchment paper on your dehydrator. Air circulation is essential when it comes to dehydrating butter.

You need to keep the butter cold all through the process. Now freeze the butter-covered parchment paper for 24 hours. It will give an edge to your dehydrated butter. After that, the butter will begin to dry out in the freezer.

Make sure you dehydrate your butter in a hot and dry place. When the temperature of the room is cold, the temperature of the butter remains intact. However, if it is hot outside, the butter will begin to melt. Melted butter can hamper your entire dehydrating process.

Now dehydrate the butter for a good 12 hours. Make sure the temperature is controlled at all times. It will give you a better-finished product. The next step is to put the butter back into the freezer. Keep it inside for 24 hours. The cold temperature inside the freeze will help dry the butter out.

You can also try a low-level freezing process. If you have the time and the patience, then freeze the butter for a week! Now remove the butter, and voila! You have high-quality dehydrated butter!

Can You Feel The Difference From Proper Butter?

There is a significant difference between dehydrated butter and proper butter. Dehydrated butter tastes a bit milky.

Therefore, it is not as delicious as proper butter. Powdered butter has a mild taste, whereas proper butter has a strong flavor.

Brands usually add a specific ingredient to make them taste creamy. You can check out a few ingredients that can be added to your dehydrated butter.

If you want to use it for baking or cooking, you don’t have to worry about the flavor. But if you decide to sprinkle it on your popcorn, then the taste will matter!

Where To Use Dehydrated Butter

baking with butter powder

You can use dehydrated butter for several purposes. First, you can use it for baking. People often use dry butter for baking.

It readily mixes with the baking batter. You can use it for baking cakes, muffins, cookies, or any of your favorite recipes. You can also use dehydrated butter to garnish soups.

You can sprinkle a little powdered butter on your soup to add some flavor to it. Some companies sell flavored butter powder. It makes your soup taste creamy and delicious. You can also add dehydrated butter to sauces. It will add a certain richness to your sauce. Some people also add it to their list of camping food.

You can pack a tin of dehydrated butter when you go camping. It is an excellent substitute for butter in an emergency. Use it to sprinkle on your food or turn it into a paste. Raw dehydrated butter may not be as tasty as flavored ones.

So make sure you choose the right one for your camping trip. Dehydrated butter also goes very well with popcorn. Just sprinkle it on your favorite popcorn and enjoy the buttery flavor.

You can also use butter powder for cooking. Add it as a seasoning on your roasted chicken. It thickens the turkey and chicken glaze. Some people also prefer butter powder to their pasta.

It adds a little texture to it. Adding rice is also a great idea. Many health brands also suggest adding dehydrated butter to smoothies and shakes. But, again, you can check the ingredients and use them accordingly.


Dehydrated butter can be used for a variety of things. You can sprinkle it on your popcorn, add it to your baking mix or garnish your soup.

People use it for baking cakes, muffins, and bread. Both garlic bread and plain bread can be baked using dehydrated butter. No matter how you use it, dehydrated butter tastes delicious.

If you make it at home, you will need to add a few ingredients for flavor. But if you purchase from a supermarket, you will find plenty of flavored options. You can store dehydrated butter for a long time. It comes in handy during emergencies.

You can reconstitute dry butter and use it for anything you like. Many brands sell flavored butter powder. You can use this powder to make a paste and spread it on a piece of bread.

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