Bush’s Best Country Style Baked Beans Review

Jacob Moore

Last updated April 17, 2021

Bush’s Best has been around for a long time and has remained a proudly family-owned business. Through the many years, it has served the public by providing only the very best products.

Since its founding in 1908 by the original owner A.J. Bush, Bush’s Best has grown to become one of the most loved canned food brands in America.

Bush’s Best Country Style Baked Beans

From their factory in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, Bush’s Best has refined and mastered their secret family recipe to bring you their country-style baked beans.

As with all their beans, it is made from only the best ingredients and sold with the company’s promise of being a top-quality product.

Who Is It For?

Beans have many health benefits, which include being a prime choice to include in a gluten-free diet. They provide high fiber and rich protein for fitness enthusiasts looking to build muscle.

However, it is also a delicious choice that holds unlimited possibilities for any creative cook to experiment with and can be added to numerous dishes.

Due to the country-style recipe of Bush’s Best Baked Beans, which is relished in bacon and extra brown sugar sauce, it is also ideal for including as a side dish at a barbecue. Anyone who enjoys baked beans, and likes it with a country flavor, will enjoy this delicious recipe from Bush’s Best.

It is also ideal for anyone who does not have the time or energy to prepare a painstaking meal. Since you can eat it fresh out of the can, you can simply enjoy it as a meal on its own.

What Is Included?

Bush’s Best Baked Beans is a tasty meal preserved in a can, with no extras included with the purchase. It is sold as a pack of twelve, which will make your money stretch that extra needed amount.

Overview of Features

Bush’s Best baked beans are made from the finest navy beans that are slow-cooked in delicious hickory-smoked bacon and extra brown sugar sauce.

A blend of the finest spices are then added for a little extra taste adventure but don’t expect Bush’s Best to reveal the secret spice blend that is used. It has been a well-kept family recipe that has remained a secret for longer than a century.

Each cup serving contains 290 calories, is 98% fat-free, and is packed with 12g of plant-based protein, as well as 7g of fiber. Like all of Bush’s Best products, it is gluten-free, dairy-free and does not contain casein.

It comes in a can with a convenient pop-up lid that preserves the beans for a long time. The recipe is also cholesterol-free and makes it ideal for those who have to be conscious about healthy eating.

How to Use It

The can is made with a convenient pop-up lid, which is both easy and safer to open than traditional cans. You do not need a can opener to pop the lid; simply pull on the provided tab, and it will tear open by itself.

To enjoy it as a meal on its own, empty the contents of the can in either a microwave-friendly bowl, cover it and heat for one to two minutes in a microwave, stir, and serve.

If you don’t have a microwave, simply empty the contents into a saucepan and allow to simmer until warm.

There are many other ways to use it in specific recipes, and you are merely limited by your own imaginative cooking. However, if you are stuck and uncertain about what recipes suit Bush’s Best Country Style Baked Beans, you could always feel free to visit their website.

There you will find the many recipes that they share with their supporters.

You will find recipes for a variety of occasions and some that are made simply to save time, while others are creative ways to use their baked beans, which includes pies and savories.


  • Made from the best ingredients and highest quality spices
  • Conveniently ready-made to enjoy as a quick meal
  • Slow baked in a secret family recipe to provide a tasty option
  • All the ingredients are sourced from American farms and produce
  • Is gluten, dairy, and cholesterol-free


  • Products might get damaged during shipping, resulting in dent cans


Bush’s Best has a wide range of products, and if baked beans are not your favorite, you could look for alternatives such as their black beans, pinto beans, and a great many other varieties.


Baked Beans are a limitless option to use in any dish if you allow your creativity to do the cooking. With Bush’s Best high-quality product, you will be confident of using only the best ingredients for your dishes.

Baked beans are a healthy choice if you are looking to build muscle because it is high in fiber and packed with protein.

Jacob Moore

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