Best Long-Lasting Canned Ham

Jacob Moore

Last updated July 15, 2021

Few people don’t enjoy a good ham. And it can taste just as good, fresh, or in a can.

But if you’re a survivalist, you’ll want to know where to get the best canned ham. You’re probably also wondering how long you can store this product because you never know when a stockpile will come in handy.

Our mini-review covers five of the best canned ham products. We analyze the benefits and drawbacks of these top products. And we respond to some of the most frequently asked questions about canned ham.

HORMEL Canned Smoked Ham

1. Smoked

2. 5 Ounces

3. Pack of 12

Goya Cooked Ham

1. Cooked

2. 16 Ounces 

3. Pack of 3

Celebrity Boneless Cooked Ham

1. Cooked

2. 12 Ounce

3. Pack of 3

DAK Premium Canned Ham

1. Cooked

2. 1 Pound

3. Pack of 2

Bristol Cooked Smoked Ham

1. Cooked with smoke flavoring

2. 1 Pound

3. Pack of 2

Check the mini-reviews and FAQs about ham in cans to determine what product you should stockpile for any event.

Mini reviews

Our mini-reviews cover some of the most important specs about the best canned ham.

Then, we go through the benefits, drawbacks, and extra features to help you decide which brand you’ll prefer.

Our mini-review also offers buying advice based on personal experience of testing these products.

All the information we offer is designed to help you make the best possible buying decision for yourself and your family.

Best Overall: HORMEL Canned Ham

HORMEL Canned Smoked Ham Review

Hormel is a trusted brand that has built a sterling reputation over time for producing high-quality canned products. The company’s smoked, cured, best canned ham is no different.

The taste of this product is literally to “die for” if you favor a touch of drama when it comes to tasty, delicious smelling food.

You can order, store, and use this best canned ham as a quick meal on its own to quiet those tummy rumblings. You can take it on hikes for a quick, easy, “no-cook” meal, or you can stockpile this product for any emergency.

Hormel’s best quality canned ham is smoked, cured, and delicious, whether the emergency is a natural disaster or catering to unexpected visitors.

Featured specs

  • Size: 5 oz.
  • Taste: Smoked
  • No of items: 12 cans


  • Available in large 5 oz. Cans, with 12 cans per package.
  • Smoking and curing the ham before canning creates a delicious flavor and aroma.
  • Versatile product for use as a single meal or with other ingredients to create a family dinner.
  • Ideal for taking on camping, hiking, picnics, or other outdoor activities where your food will stay safe and edible for hours or days on end.
  • Excellent protein source.
  • Hormel makes one of the canned ham brands that you can use in salads or eat as is.


  • This best canned ham can be a tad salty for the likes of some customers.
  • You need a can opener to extract the contents as the cans don’t have an easy lift lid.
  • The contents are ground and shredded, so you cannot cut off slices. Instead, you will have to remove the contents with a fork or spoon to use as needed.

Extra features

Smoking always gives meat and other foods a unique flavor that is hard to resist. Curing the pork this way also helps remove possible contaminants, and the rest are removed during the canning process.

Consequently, customers can be confident that this product is safe and tasty as one of the best canned hams available.

Buying advice

Unfortunately, the can sizes are pretty small and not ideal for anyone looking for large, canned ham products. Also, if you’re averse to salty flavors, then it is better to look at baked, canned ham brands.

One more element to consider is that the best canned ham will probably have somewhat of a rubbery texture.

However, if you’re not averse to testing this alternative fresh ham texture on your palate, then this will probably be an excellent purchase for you.

Runner Up: Goya Cooked Ham

Goya Cooked Ham Review

Goya is another trusted brand that makes the best quality canned ham. In terms of flavor, this runner-up is a winner. In terms of large, canned ham, again, Goya comes out tops.

You can get this product online as well as in-store. It is ideal for feeding families as the product is available in packs of three large cans.

So take a break from cooking by producing a delicious cold ham with salads, or add this product to your hurricane shelf. Either way, the taste won’t disappoint!

Featured specs

  • Size: 16 oz.
  • Taste: Ham
  • No of items: Pack of 3 large cans


  • Large, canned ham of 16 oz. is convenient for single or multiple uses and users.
  • The flavor is more like a regular baked, canned ham, so it is more familiar to customers.
  • It is more accessible to stock larger cans for any eventuality.
  • Long-lasting shelf life means you can store this best quality canned ham for months on end.
  • Ideal for eating alone as a snack, on sandwiches, or an entire family meal.


  • The texture is not the same as freshly baked ham, so you won’t be disappointed if you don’t have this expectation.
  • You cannot cut this ham into slices as it is ground and pressed into pieces in the can.
  • Some customers report that this best canned ham tastes and looks like spam. Of course, many others disagree with this evaluation, but everyone has personal taste preferences, making it difficult to argue their point.

Extra features

Goya’s best quality canned ham is skinless and boneless, making mealtimes hassle-free. Simply open the can and eat it as a snack or meal.

If you enjoy baked, canned ham, Goya makes one of the most deliciously versatile large canned hams for use anytime.

Buying advice

You can conveniently purchase this best canned ham online as it is delivered directly to your doorstep. If you don’t mind eating shredded baked, canned ham, then this product should easily cater to your taste buds.

Also, if you want a versatile product, then Goya’s baked best quality canned ham meets just about anyone’s standards. Use this product daily and store it for those times when a quick meal is the best you can manage.

Alterantive: Celebrity  Boneless Cooked Ham

Celebrity Boneless Cooked Ham Review

If you’re a health fanatic, then the best canned ham for you is 96% fat-free. But, of course, not everyone appreciates low-fat products, mainly because they impact the flavor of the food.

Also, baking ham rather than smoking it is also a healthier option, although a bit of extra fat and a smokey flavor won’t harm anyone on the odd occasion.

Taste and flavor aside, nothing beats the best canned ham for disaster management when survival is at the top of the priority list. So, you can confidently purchase this Celebrity Danish brand to add to your stockpile.

Featured specs

  • Size: 12 oz.
  • Taste: Ham
  • No of items: Pack of 3 large cans


  • Small cans are ideal for day or nighttime snacks.
  • The neat 12 oz. can mean this product is easily portable for outdoor activities when you need a tasty snack in the wild.
  • Easy pull-action can opener also means you won’t be stuck without food if you forget your can opener at home when camping.
  • Good protein content ensures you can fill up with a healthy meal in any situation.
  • Natural juices surrounding the ham ensure it is moist and tasty.
  • No unnatural sweeteners are added to this product, increasing its health benefit.


  • Customers call this a spam ham and state that it is not as flavorful as anticipated.
  • If you’re expecting to slice this ham, look for an alternative product as this product is shredded and compacted for easy storage.

Special features

  • Boneless ham
  • Natural juices are included in the product.
  • Fat-free up to 96%
  • No sugars

Buying advice

These small cans take up so little space that it is easy to purchase and store large numbers for any adverse event.

You can snack on this best canned ham in between meals, make sandwiches, or include the ham in a healthy green salad for an in-between meal.

For survivalists, this canned ham brand is not local, so you might want to test your tastebuds before deciding to make a bulk purchase.

Overseas palates may differ from local preferences, but this best-quality canned ham sells in small packages, so it is improbable that you will waste your money on this product.

Alternative: DAK Premium Canned Ham

DAK Premium Canned Ham Review

DAK makes one of the best quality canned ham brands. This product is an all-around delicious brand, cured with salt and water and stored in its natural juices.

Although the can size is relatively small, it is not as small as other brands in this mini-review. Can size aside, you can order this product online to stock in your pantry for any occasion.

Add this best canned ham to your survivalist list, as it will definitely provide the necessary nutrition in a tight spot. Because this is a protein product, it is also filling.

Replace your calorie intake when you’re out in the woods or participating in a challenging outdoor sport because you’ll need more energy to keep going.

Featured specs

  • Size: 16 oz.
  • Taste: Ham
  • No of items: 1 lb. (pack of 2)


  • This flavorful best quality canned ham is available in small sizes for easy portability.
  • The soda can opening mechanism ensures that a quick pull will give you access to the contents without the hassle of needing a can opener.
  • Baked canned ham in its natural juices provides additional nutritional value when you most need an energy boost.
  • Because this is one of the premium canned ham brands, you can consume it with confidence in its taste and quality.
  • Convenient best baked ham adds an extra flavor dimension to any cooked meal.
  • Versatility means never getting tired of the same taste, day in and day out.


  • The “premium ham” unique selling points are mismatched, discouraging some customers from supporting the purchase of this product.
  • Nobody wants to pay an exorbitant price for a medium-quality product that tastes like spam.
  • If you enjoy a salty flavor, then this product is a good buy. If not, then you should look for something less salty. This search could be challenging as most curing takes place with salt, water, and flavorings.

Special features

  • DAK Premium canned ham
  • 2-16 oz. fully cooked hams
  • Ready to eat

Buying advice

The best quality canned ham is never meant to land on your dinner table for entertaining guests. Any of the best canned ham will taste different from a fresh-baked or roast ham, so if you have any other expectations, disappointment is inevitable.

However, if you keep an open mind and haven’t tasted the best quality canned ham before, you will receive a pleasant surprise. Best of all, you can stock this product on your pantry shelf for months on end (always check the stable shelf-life date).

You can also trust that this is a premium quality ham for use in diverse circumstances. Buy it! Test it! If you don’t like the flavor, try another canned ham brand.

Alterantive: Bristol Cooked Smoked Ham

Bristol Cooked Smoked Ham Review

Bristol is our third alternative as one of the canned ham brands with a long stable shelf-life. Bristol is both a familiar name and a familiar flavor in most U.S. households, especially if you take survivalism seriously.

The best canned ham is easy to store, takes up little space, contains adequate protein levels, and is convenient to use in disaster situations.

Besides stocking up on canned meats like ham for unforeseen, critical situations, you can use this product to supplement regular mealtimes.

Due to the relatively small one-pound weight of this product, you’ll need to purchase at least five x a pack or two if you want canned ham 5 lbs., otherwise it’s not really worthwhile to stock up.

Featured specs

  • Size: 1 lbs.
  • Taste: Ham
  • No of items: Pack of 2


  • This baked, canned ham texture is what you would expect from this cooking and packing method.
  • The flavor is as delicious as any of the best quality canned ham on the market.
  • Convenient packing sizes ensure easy storage for use in a crisis or simply to snack on.
  • Customers comment that they stockpile this best canned ham for future situations but find themselves consuming it quickly between other meals.
  • The easy soda can opening mechanism is convenient.
  • You can add this product to regular mealtimes, eat on sandwiches, salads, pasta, and create your own recipes for delicious meals for any occasion.
  • A delicious smokey flavor translates into a tasty meal whether you eat this ham cold or hot.


  • This best-quality canned ham is quite salty due to the curing process, so ensure you have plenty of water on hand when eating this ham.
  • Customers complain about receiving dented cans, with some even being open on delivery, which is disappointing.
  • Anyone wanting to stock up with at least canned ham 5 lbs. will need to purchase at least five packs of two cans.
  • One customer claims that this best canned ham does not have a smokey flavor.

Special features

  • You can slice this best quality canned ham
  • Smokey flavor adds to the appeal of this product
  • USDA approved meat products only in this canned ham brand

Buying advice

Since these cans are small (1 to 1.8 pounds for two cans), you’ll need to focus on placing at least five orders to get your canned ham 5 lbs. If you don’t place multiple orders, you have little chance of storing sufficient food for disaster circumstances.

Besides these elements, if you want to know where to buy canned ham, it’s almost anywhere you purchase other canned products.

Unfortunately, in-store purchases don’t have the convenience of delivering bulk orders to your door.

Survival Stores FAQs

Now that the mini-reviews are over, it is time to take an in-depth look at FAQs.

For example, consumers and survivalists often want to know how long they can store the best canned ham. It is necessary to answer this question for planning survival strategies and to avoid wastage.

People also want to know about other meats that store well because it will be challenging to live on ham for months on end. Other questions involve freezing ham and whether this is an appropriate storage method.

Importantly, consumers also want to know whether the best quality canned ham really contains ham. Read on to find the answers to these essential questions.

How long can canned ham last?

how long  canned ham can last

The majority of these canned ham brands have a shelf life of between two and five years. These best canned hams are known as having a “stable” shelf life, and you should store these cans at room temperature.

However, you should never keep these cans at a temperature higher than 122 °F. If you want to store baked, canned ham, or any other canned ham in the refrigerator, this is possible.

Ensure though that the cans remain sealed, and you should be able to store them safely for between six and nine months.

What is the best canned meat to store?

If you’re preparing for a survival situation, you should always research to find out which canned meats store the best.

Keeping meat is particularly important in survival situations as they contain protein, and you need protein to survive for lengthy periods under adverse conditions.

These are several of the best meats to store in a survival situation:

  • Kirkland Signature’s Chicken Breast
  • Spam Classic
  • Mountain House Turkey Tetrazzini
  • Keystone Meats All-Natural Canned Beef
  • Swanson Pulled Pork in Barbecue Sauce

Many, or most, of these products, are free of preservatives, low in fats and sugars, and are premium products to consume if you have no, or limited, access to fresh food.

You can add any of the best canned hams in our mini-review to this list to prepare yourself for a disaster situation.

Is canned ham really ham?

Is canned ham really ham

Most, if not all, canned ham brands use only ham in their products. When we say “only ham,” we mean that no other meats or fillers go into producing this type of product.

The best canned ham uses pork that is cured in brine (salt and water). It is then pressed into vacuum-sealed cans. The cooking process takes place at high heat under pressure which changes the texture and flavor of the ham.

Manufacturers also include gelatin in this product. Gelatin helps keep the meat moist and ensures that it retains its flavor along with the natural juices from the meat.

Once you open this product, you must refrigerate and consume the can contents within three to five days. Always read the instructions to check expiry dates and how long the product remains safe for consumption after refrigeration.

Is it safe to freeze a canned ham?

Yes–you can freeze the best quality canned hams quite safely. In fact, most canned ham brands are suitable for freezing to extend their shelf life.

However, you may end up running out of storage space unless you have multiple large freezers or a built-in commercial-grade freezer on your property.

Another tip to lengthen the stable shelf life of the best quality canned ham is to place these products with decent quality, heavy-duty freezer bags. Once you open a can, also make sure that you consume it within three to four days in the refrigerator.

Only purchase high-quality canned ham for storing if you want it to last for up to a year. Always check the instructions on the can before purchasing to ensure long shelf life.


Now that you’ve gone through our mini-review on the best canned ham, you should have a clearer idea of how these products fit with your survivalist plans.

Because tastes differ, we suggest that you try the products in this buying guide to test them for yourself.

Once you’ve done the testing, you’ll know which of the best quality canned ham to stockpile. Once you’ve read through the FAQs, you’ll also understand how to store your best canned ham for longevity.

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