Best Canned Food For Survival in 2021 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Jacob Moore

Last updated April 28, 2021

If you are planning to put away food for that disaster that may strike some day in the future, you are on the right track. Anything that is unforeseen might happen even in these modern times, and you need to be prepared with the basic survival kits.

So many times, people are caught unprepared when it comes to natural disasters, and then they frantically run around. Don’t be one of them, and make sure that you do the basics right and get your food ready.

In this review, we take a look at some of the canned foods you can have for times of natural disaster.


Best Canned Food For Survival Reviews

Sliced Apple In Water By Musselman’s
  • All natural healthy snack

  • Convenient packaging

  • Diet friendly

Bush’s Best Country Style Baked Beans
  • 8.3 Ounce (Pack of 12)

  • Canned Beans

  • Baked Beans Canned

  • Source of Plant Based Protein and Fiber

  • Low Fat

  • Gluten Free

Wolf Brand Homestyle Chili With Beans
  • 15 oz., 12 Pack

  • Ground beef, pork and pinto beans are combined with tomatoes, green peppers, onions and a special blend of spices

  • Made with all-natural beef and pork

Green Giant Whole Kernel Sweet Corn
  • 4 Pack of 15.25

  • Delicious flavor when grilled or sauteed

  • All natural ingredients

  • Fat-free

Comstock Country Fruit Pie Filling & Topping
  • 21 oz

  • Pie Filling & Topping, Original Country Cherry 

  • Perfect filling for your favorite pie or use as a decadent topping for other desserts


Sliced Apple In Water By Musselman’s

When it comes to survival and disasters, the best way to get those people not to panic is to give them a full stomach. That is what you will do with these lovely sliced apples in water to keep their minds away from despair and problems.


These apple slices in water are ideal for each and every person when it comes to an emergency food stock. It contains no added sugar, so it is perfect for those people who have diabetes-related health problems and for the elderly.

It does not contain many calories if you are still concerned about your weight in times of disaster. But that is a good thing because we humans survive better if there is some hope even if it is a little bit.

Luckily these apple slices in water can be stored for a long time, so it is the ideal food to use in your emergency stockpile. And it will provide you with the peace of mind that it is there for when you will need it.

These apple slices in water are stored in such a manner that you can use it for many different types of cuisine. That is, you can eat it as it is on the go or prepare it when you have time to use it in a pie.

With no added sugar and the fact that it is gluten-free makes a very human-friendly diet for everyone out there. It is even kosher-certified and contains no added preservatives or any harmful chemicals for a safe diet.

But these sliced apples are a bit too crispy to be used for those who need to have soft food. For instance, it might not be the ideal food for small babies as well as for the elderly who have no teeth.

It also comes with some quality control problems where people reported brown marks and cores found on the slices when opened. This might put some people off from eating these apple slices because they might think it is old or off.


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  • No sugar is added to this food
  • It is very low on calories
  • Can be stored for a very long time
  • Multi-purpose use
  • It is diet-friendly


  • It is a bit too crisp for some people
  • There are some quality control issues involved

Bush’s Best Country Style Baked Beans

It is always good to have variety when you are busy stockpiling for those unforeseen disasters. These baked beans are the ideal food when you have little time for food preparation.


These canned baked beans are high in protein and will provide the right nutritional value you may need when on the go. This is great for when you do not have a lot of time to eat, and it will keep you full for longer.

For those vegetarians out there, these baked beans are ideal and will provide you with the necessary filling.

It will last for a very long time, so it is the ideal food to keep in your emergency stash. And it will also help to give you the surety that you are prepared at least to provide food in the case of an emergency.

The natural ingredients these canned baked beans contain are a safe and healthy diet for everyone, so your loved ones will be kept on healthy food in the unhealthy and unsafe times of a disaster.

Being without gluten, these baked beans are ideal to be used by everyone and will not cause another disaster while in a disaster. It also does not contain any dairy products that might make it uneatable for those with lactose intolerance health issues.

Unfortunately, it is not vegan, and this might put some people off from these great and tasty canned baked beans. And there is sugar added so it might not be preferable for those who have diabetic health problems.

The quantity of these canned baked beans might be a little bit too little for more than just one person; if you love these, you will have to carry a lot of them with you if you want many people to enjoy it.

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  • It is high in protein
  • This food is 100 present vegetarian
  • Will last a very long time
  • Contains only plant-based fiber
  • It is diet-friendly canned food


  • It is not vegan
  • Contains sugar
  • Portion might be a bit small for more than one person

Wolf Brand Homestyle Chili With Beans

Sometimes you would want to alternate the cuisine so you can make it more interesting for everyone eating together. This might just provide that variety for a healthy diet and to keep people’s minds occupied for a while in an emergency situation.


The can this chili with beans comes in is an easy, peel-open can that allows you to open it quickly and easily, without the need for a can opener. This is great for when you are out in the outdoors or hiking, and you do not have time to waste on can openers.

You can use this chili with beans with many different cooking styles and food preparing applications. And it can be a meal on its own for more than just one person that is on the move or out in the open.

It is quite high in nutritional value and will be a good diet for when you are in an emergency situation. This is great for when you need to keep your body strength up and to keep you in top shape while on the go.

No artificial ingredients are added with this chili with beans meal on its own, so you can safely consume it. That makes it an excellent addition to your food stockpile for the case of a natural disaster or any type of emergency.

This canned chili with beans have a long shelf life, and that makes it the ideal food to stock for an emergency. This will also add variety to the emergency diet for you and everyone in your group.

It does contain quite a lot of sodium that might be a problem, especially if you have people in your family or yourself, who have blood pressure problems, among other things.

We all know chili can be hot, and some people just love their food on the spicy side, and others might love it occasionally. But people with stomach problems as well as the very young may not be able to eat hot, spicy food.


  • An easy-open can
  • Can be used to vary your cuisine
  • High in nutritional value
  • There are no artificial ingredients added
  • It has quite a long shelf life


  • It is a bit high in sodium
  • Might be a bit hot for some people

Whole Kernel Canned Sweet Corn From Green Giant

It might sound like we are talking about something from a disaster movie when we talk about natural disasters, but they are real. The chances that you will get fresh produce in such a time might be scarce, so you might need to get your vegetables in a can.


This canned sweet corn is very low in fat content and is ideal for those who love to keep their weight stable. That is even in times of disaster, but it is good to keep your stomach filled and your mind busy.

All the natural ingredients used in this canned sweet corn makes it a healthy dish to have for emergencies. It is great to add it to your food stockpile for natural disasters and emergencies for variety.

Canned sweet corn is great can be used with many different cuisines, and that makes it quite a versatile food. It can also be used as a side dish with other food or be consumed as a quick meal on the go.

This sweet corn contains no harmful chemicals in it. This will provide you with peace of mind with the knowledge that your loved ones have healthy food to consume during an emergency.

It also comes with a very long shelf life and is ideal for a backup food source for very long storage.

Sweet corn might be suitable to consume as a quick snack on the go, but it is best served as a side dish. This means you will not always be filled enough with it if you are on the move with little time to prepare food.

With this sweet corn, you will need a can opener to open it, and that might be difficult for some with agility issues. And it is a bit pricey if you take into consideration that you only get 4 cans with this purchase for the price.


  • Very low in fat content
  • All-natural ingredients are used
  • Multi-purpose food
  • No harmful chemicals used with canned corn
  • Has a long shelf life


  • Mostly suitable as a side dish
  • A can opener is needed with this product
  • It is a bit pricey

Country Cherry Pie Filling And Topping From Comstock

For variety in the diet, you might want to have something for those sweet teeth.


This canned cherry topping contains very few chemicals and other unnatural ingredients that are not so good for humans to consume. It is especially low in sodium to make it suitable to be consumed by people with related health issues.

Comstock only uses high-quality cherries, and they can be used for a variety of dishes. This means it is the ideal food to be used and added for your emergency food stock and safe for your loved ones.

It also comes with quite a long shelf life, and that makes it ideal for an emergency food source to be stored for a long time. It will leave you with peace of mind that there is good food stored for the case of an emergency.

It is also very high in nutritional value to help keep everyone filled in emergencies, such as a lockdown. This is great if you have time to prepare a delicacy for your loved ones, like pie or tart. Who doesn’t appreciate comfort food, especially in worrying times?

It is quite a versatile type of food that can be used with many different types of food applications and cuisine. It can also be consumed on the go if you do not have the time in the case of a disaster or an emergency.

Unfortunately, there is sugar added with this canned cherry filling which could pose health problems if someone in your family or you have diabetic issues.

You also need a can opener when it is time for you to make your pie or serve this sweet cherry pie filling to your family. This might not be a problem if you are stuck inside the house, but it might be difficult if you are on the move


  • Very few chemicals used
  • High-quality fruits are used
  • It has a long shelf life
  • High in nutritional value
  • Quite a versatile food


  • There is sugar added to this food
  • Not very suitable as a standalone meal
  • You need a can opener with these cans

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna In Water

This is always a winner to have in your emergency food stockpile, and most people love tuna. The fact that you get this in a 48-can pack makes it an even more attractive option for your emergency stash.


This canned tuna contains no gluten, which makes it safe to be used for all those who are gluten-intolerant. This is great when you are in an emergency and do not need additional problems added to the existing disaster.

It also comes with quite a long shelf life included so you can store it for a long time without worry; that makes it an excellent addition for your emergency food stockpile.

These tuna chunks in a can are great for use with many different food applications and different cuisines. It is also very suitable to be used with food eaten when you are on the go, such as tuna sandwiches and more.

It is also an excellent source of protein with a very high protein content that is found with most fish and especially tuna. Because the body needs large amounts of protein, this is ideal for when you are in, say a natural disaster or a lockdown.

The Starkist light tuna chunks in water come with quite a mild taste that is not too much off-putting for most people. It is great to be used for all the people in a family and even for those who do not like the stronger tastes.

But they do contain a lot of water in the can, which may reduce the volume of the contents; you might lose up to half of the contents of the can when the water is removed, leaving you with very little meat to eat.

You will also need to use a can opener to open these cans, which might make it less attractive as a food when you are on the go.


  • It is gluten-free
  • This food has a long shelf life
  • Can be used with a variety of food
  • It is very high in protein content
  • Does not have a too strong flavor


  • The cans contain a lot of water
  • You will need a can opener with this
  • Might contain a lot of sodium

Campbell’s Condensed Chicken With Rice Soup

This is a great meal for on the go and will provide food for more than just one person at a time. Soup is also an all-time favorite for most people, and it will be a winning addition to any emergency food stockpile.


The canned chicken with rice soup comes in a very easy-to-open can for food on the go. You can open this can of soup with just one easy pull of the tab on the lid, and you do not even need a lot of effort.

It is very high in nutritional value and will be a great addition to your stock of emergency food you’ve put away for a disaster. It will provide you with peace of mind to know that you have good food ready for your loved ones in those emergencies.

It also has a very long shelf life to make good food to be kept for emergencies and to buy in bulk; this is ideal for keeping in storage for a very long time without worrying it soon will go off.

There is also have a very low-fat content with this canned soup from Campbell’s to make a healthy meal. On top of all the other great things, it has no artificial flavorings added to make it even more healthy.

But it contains a lot of sodium, and some people might be put off from the salty taste of the soup. And it might not be that healthy for those people who hav3 trouble with high blood pressure.

You might also pay a little bit too much for this canned soup which will make it impractical if you want to buy in bulk to save money on your food spending.


  • Easy-open cans
  • High in nutritional value
  • Multi-purpose food
  • It has a long shelf life
  • Low in fat and cholesterol
  • No artificial flavors added


  • Contains a lot of sodium
  • This canned soup is a bit pricey

Buyer’s Guide

A review is not complete if there isn’t a buyer’s guide included to make the reader’s choice easier. There are several things to look at when you buy emergency foods for your stockpile.

We selected a few issues that pose a problem for most of us when we need the information to help in the selection process.

Shelf Life

This might be one of the most important issues you need to address when it comes to choosing the right food. It might be that you are going to wait quite some time before a disaster strikes and the food will be sitting on your shelf during that time.

You will have to do proper stock rotation when it comes to the emergency food stockpile to make sure it does not go off. You might also need to consume whatever rations you put in storage for the times of an emergency before the emergency happens.

But for that, you need to do your planning right and stay on top of the situation all the time.

What Types of Food

This is a question you need to answer for yourself when it comes to your favorite foods and those that are necessary. It sometimes happens that you might have a craving for something at the moment and add that to your emergency stockpile.

You should always keep in mind that the food you select must be highly nutritious for people in an emergency. You can add your favorite food but also add the vegetables you need if they are not some of your favorites.

But you might need to add comfort food to make things a bit better when disaster does strike. If you are looking for something that tastes a bit different and is more well prepared, you can try out Chef Boyardee Overstuffed Italian Sausage Ravioli


It is imperative that the food you keep for emergencies comes in packaging that will outlast many situations. In case of heavy rain, it will be impractical to have food rations that are stored in boxes, for instance.

Most of your emergency food will come in tins, but the problem there is that it might get too heavy to carry. So a lighter type of packaging might be more practical if you are going to be on the move.

The problem is you never know what type of emergency might happen, so you must find the middle way between durability and comfort.

Preparation Difficulty

In the case of a disaster where you need to be on the go, it would be better to have food that needs little to no preparation. Canned soups can be heated up, but if the situation requires, you can eat it it cold.

Other dry rations will be more suitable for when you need to keep going, but you will need to consume more water. If you’re in colder areas, you need to have food available when you have an opportunity to warm the food up.

This you need to consider in advance, so be prepared for everything.

Quickest Options

Freeze-dried food, as well as canned food, are obviously the best types of food you need to keep in your emergency stockpile. They are the easiest to prepare and the quickest to have access to when you are on the move in an emergency.

If you have to take spices and other seasonings with you, it is easier to use those that are stored in plastic containers. Most people will say that taste is not important when it comes to emergency food, but good tasting food will go a long way, especially for boosting morale.


It is quite challenging to choose the best when you have so many good selections to choose from, but a winner must be selected, so we decided on the Mussleman’s sliced apple in water because of the versatility of these apple slices.

A second best is the Starkist chunks of light tuna in water because of the high nutritional value. It is also most people’s favorite to use with sandwiches and affordable for those on a tight budget.

But go ahead and choose your favorite if you do not agree with the ones we selected.

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