About Basic Food Prepper

Who Are We?

We are a group of prepping enthusiasts who love spending more time in the wild than in the convenience of cities and development. It is not that we hate cities, but we feel closer to our hearts when we can survive in the wild using minimal resources. We built BasicFoodPrepper.com to share our insights and suggestions to the upcoming prepping enthusiasts in the world. We also wanted to prove that prepping and survivalism are not challenging if you have the right tools and a passionate mindset.

Our Mission

Of course, we do not want anyone to go through an SHTF situation ever in their life. However, we believe it is to stay safe rather than sorry in many aspects. Therefore, we want everyone to stay ready for potential issues worldwide, including pandemics, floods, forest fires, military invasion, or something else. By learning how to do prepping, you are making yourself ready for these events. Whether these events would happen is another question.

Nevertheless, at BasicFoodPrepper.com, our mission is to recommend the right set of products and ideas to help you in the long run. We also make sure that the prepping equipment we recommend is top quality and gets the job done. So, our tutorials would talk about the factors you should consider while choosing the survivalist gear for your little or extensive hiking experience. Of course, we also hands-on test products and feature them in our reviews.

How Do We Review?

We understand that we cannot give you a half-baked opinion on prepping food and tools. Therefore, we have developed a proper system that allows us to review each product that ends up in our filtered list. As you may have noticed, our team consists of people who participate in survivalist adventures more often than ordinary people. Therefore, it is easy for them to test out individual projects before recommending the same to our readers.

Since it has been the norm from the beginning, no product makes it to our reviews page without a hands-on certification from our review team. At the same time, to make sure that our thoughts are not biased, we take information from multiple sources: real-life user reviews and other hands-on reviews. Our research team also checks the after-sales service from the brands before we recommend their products to our readers.

In short, every product you see recommended on BasicFoodPrepper.com would have gone through an extensive testing process on paper and practice alike. This two-phased structure allows us to control the quality of what our readers find on our blog.

Our team

Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore is the founder of BasicFoodPrepper.com, and he has spent more time surviving in the wilderness than an average human being. A familiar face from the rural United States, Jacob has always wanted to live close to nature. Even after spending a few years in the buzzing world of cities and 9 to 5 jobs, he managed to get out to the outer world when he got a chance. Jacob would say that hiking is his passion, and he has spent up to several weeks in the wild.

So, if you want to know what will help you survive in the world, Jacob is the best person to ask for advice. Over these years, Jacob has understood what works the best if you want to survive with the bare minimum while you are off the grid. Through BasicFoodPrepper.com, he wanted to share all this wisdom with the other survival and prepping enthusiasts out there. Jacob will tell you that he has been an overthinker for most of his life, but emergency preparedness has saved his life more than once.

Jack Cunningham

Jack Cunningham is the co-founder of BasicFoodPrepper.com and works as the lead reviewer. Like Jacob, Jack has also spent a considerable amount of time in the wild. Someone who loves to stay close to nature, Jack is always interested in finding eco-friendly ways to sustain. While hiking or trekking, he tries to blend into the world, reducing waste generation and impacting the environment. As the lead reviewer of BasicFoodPrepper.com, Jack constantly tests products and other improvements.

Jack ensures that the opinions we publish on the website are scientific and unbiased. He regularly tests all the preparedness equipment that we feature on the website to make this possible. Be it bug-out bags or an eco-friendly stove for hiking; everything is tested for its quality and reliability by Jack Cunningham. He also takes the extra step of knowing more about the manufacturer before recommending a product to our reader community. Therefore, you can purchase the best products without worrying about after-sales.

Erica Perkins

We could not have built BasicFoodPrepper.com without quality-rich content and valuable opinions. Erica Perkins is our go-to person when it comes to valuable content. She works as a content writer and editor, and she has been an avid rock climber for quite some time. As much as she wants to spend time with nature, she loves to write about her experiences and offers worthwhile suggestions. At BasicFoodPrepper.com, she contributes through her valuable writings, recommendations, and expert opinion regarding product selection.

Erica has also written for other websites in the past, and the topics range from travel to living in the wild off the grid. So, when you read something from this passionate writer, you can be confident about the points and suggestions she makes. The opinions from Erica could help you make your survival more effective and more sustainable in the long run. If not writing or climbing rocks, you can find Erica in her tiny house, probably engaged in one of her favorite books.