9 Emergency Foods You Should Keep In Your Vehicle

It is not always easy to decide what food and beverages to keep in your car for emergencies. With so many products out there, it is no wonder it’s so difficult to decide what to keep and what not.

Inside your vehicle there is only so much space, so you will have to plan ahead and decide what is absolutely necessary. So for your peace of mind, we compiled several necessary things but will not use up your space.

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump in and see what you will need to keep for that emergency.

Emergency Foods You Should Keep In Your Vehicle

1. Water

This is the single most important item you should have in any emergency food stockpile and not just a little bit. Depending on the amount of space available in your vehicle, you should plan for at least 3 days of drinking water.

It is preferable to buy bottled still water that has a very long shelf life and is still sealed. This will make sure that your water does not get contaminated while it is in storage and make it undrinkable.

Then there is the option of container size; should you buy one large container or small containers that come in a pack? The smaller bottles of water are easier to manage, and every individual can have their own bottle of water.

These bottled water can be purchased in packs of 24 or even 40, but that will depend on the amount of space you have.

2. Protein Bars

This is a good food item to have in an emergency situation, so you should consider these in your vehicle’s emergency bug-out bag. It contains a lot of protein, and you will need it if you want to stay in good physical shape during an emergency.

It is a small item that delivers quite a punch when it comes to the nutritious value of the item. It can be easily stored because of its small size and, in the process, conserve the space available in your vehicle.

These protein bars can be purchased in large quantities, such as packs of 18 or even more than that. This will provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind that there is at least a healthy food item available for an emergency.

3. Salt And Spices

It may sound like a waste of space, but in the case of an emergency, you will forget the most important things, and salt, as well as other spices to make your life more bearable, are very important.

If you have good-tasting food in the case of an emergency, it will improve your circumstances drastically. So if it is only to get your mindset right, it is quite essential to have the necessary spices available.

For salt and spices, you need only small containers that can seal properly to keep it in, and it should be lightweight and durable. For your emergency stockpile, you will only need a few types of spices that will improve the food you may prepare.

4. Powdered Coffee

Coffee is a good item to have in your emergency bag, so you can have at least that one cup of coffee in the morning. This will help to get your mindset straight so you can plan your day.

Most of us cannot think straight if we do not have that first coffee cup in the morning, and even more so in the case of an emergency where you need to keep your bearings together.

Coffee is available in small sachets that you can buy in larger quantities, and it will not take up too much space. And some of these sachets are available in the pre-mix of coffee with powdered milk if you prefer coffee with milk.

Emergency Foods You Should Keep In Your Vehicle

5. Breakfast Bars

These bars are available in many different flavors, and it is a small packet that will not take up too much space. It will save you time not to prepare breakfast if you need to keep going in the case of a disaster.

They are great to eat on the go with lots of nutritious value in it to help you keep your strength up. These convenient breakfast bars are also available in larger quantities, so you can save some money when you buy it in bulk.

Luckily you do not need to keep a whole pack of 32 or whatever the quantity it is available in. But that will entirely be determined by the number of people you want to keep feeding in the case of an emergency.

6. Canned Vegetables And Fruits

These are very important to have available in your emergency food stockpile, and you need to have space for them. Fresh fruits and vegetables might not be available when the emergency happens, but there is no better way to keep vegetables fresh for a very long time than inside those cans it comes in. The tins are durable enough to withstand a lot of manhandling and the harshest of environments to keep the contents safe.

The biggest problem with canned vegetables is that they are heavy and will take up some space in your storage space. And it is also difficult to decide what type of fruit and vegetables are the best to keep for those emergencies.

What you need to consider if you want to keep this in the emergency food stockpile in your vehicle are expiration dates. Most of these canned fruits and vegetables will still be suitable for about another year after the expiration date.

As mentioned before, these cans are quite heavy, so you will need to plan it right to have a balanced diet available. You should keep vegetables and fruit that do not contain a lot of sodium and sugar in the can.

Luckily canned fruits and vegetables are available in different sizes of cans so you can plan around what to keep stored. And they are available in larger quantities so you can purchase them in bulk to save some money.

7. Canned Meat

One of the best options are those small cans of tuna that are available in bulk, and most of the time they come with easy-to-open pull off lids, so you do not need to have a can opener.

Corned meat is also a good choice that is available in different sizes for different amounts of people, and they are also easy to open without the need to use a can opener, and are available in larger quantities.

But as in the case with the canned fruits and vegetables, these cans are also heavy, and you need to plan their storage properly. There are many different types of canned meats and sausages available on the market for your convenience and in many different flavors.

8. Dried Meat

Dried meat also comes in many different flavors, and most of all, they are available in very light plastic bags. These bags of dried meat can easily be stored flat and will not take up a lot of space in your emergency storage.

The most popular of this dried meat is beef jerky and dried meat sticks that can be stored for quite some time. Dried meats are also available in different cuts and sizes and are available to be bought in bulk.

The best convenience of this dried meat is that it is light and can easily be carried in a backpack if necessary. They are available in many different types of meat, such as chicken and beef, as well as bacon, and full of nutritious value.

9. Dried Fruits And Vegetable

These are a great substitute if you do not have ample space for canned fruit and vegetables in your emergency food stockpile. It is light and can easily be stored without using up too much of the available space in your vehicle.

They are available in many different sizes as well as many different types of fruit and vegetables. You can also buy these packets of dried fruit in bulk so you can save money on it as well.

The dried vegetables can also be cooked when you need to have a warm meal in the colder regions. And there are lots of great recipes that are on some of the bags of these dried vegetables for your convenience.

Some of these vegetables are dried in the sun, and others are freeze-dried, but all of them can be used for cooking. And the dried fruit can be used as a meal or snack on the go. You can also dehydrate and package your own fruits and vegetables to save money and make sure you have what you want available.


It might sound like a lot of planning for something that might not happen, but in this world, you can never be too sure. Anything might happen to keep you stranded where you cannot get to food and water, and you need to be prepared.

Hopefully, this will help you to make informed decisions when it comes to the storing of emergency food in your vehicle.

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