7 Foods That Fill You Up and Prevent Hunger: Staying Full and Healthy

Jacob Moore

Last updated March 2, 2021

Are you one of those who feel hungry in the middle of the night or need quick snacks after every couple of hours? Surely, you are fed up with this habit, especially if you are trying to lose weight. These all-time snacks are a big reason for the weight gain and a deal-breaker for a healthy living.
Do not lose hope, though, as we are here to help you out by discussing 7 foods that fill you up and prevent hunger while still staying healthy.

The Concept of Satiety

The state of satiety is the general term referring to the feeling of satisfaction as well as appetite loss right after eating. Meaning, when you eat something, you will always achieve a certain level of satiety from that food.
However, each food has a different satiety index or the level at which a certain food can satisfy hunger. According to experts, some food items provide more satiety than others. Similarly, many of the unhealthy food have low satiety levels, which explains why you seek more and more of these snacks even if you consume them just a few minutes ago.

The Relationship Between Filling Food and Losing Weight

Generally, when you eat a whole meal which fills and satisfies your stomach, you walk through more hours without craving for a snack. On the contrary, when you eat little snacks throughout the day, you consume more amount of calories, in total.
While it seems arrogant that having filling food items help you lose weight, it is all true. Taking a full meal one time gives you enough calories to give you energy and without feeling hungry. Hence, it actually cuts down on the total amount of calories that you consume throughout the day.

7 Foods That Fill You Up and Prevent Hunger

Some food items give you a feeling of a full stomach to prevent you from consuming unnecessary snacks. As a general rule, food with a high protein level tends to be more filling, while food with high carbohydrates provides instant energy but not a good item if searching for filling foods.
Here are seven of the most common healthy food items which can fill you up and prevent hunger:

1. Eggs

Eggs are not one of those food items that are low in calories. With that being said, they have a high amount of protein, which makes them a perfect meal and helps prevent hunger for a good number of hours. In fact, they have complete proteins or the nine essential amino acids.
By having eggs for breakfast or lunch, you will not have snacks in between meals. Also, it is said that an omelet gives more satiety than a chicken sandwich or a potato.

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2. Boiled or Baked Potatoes

Potato is a highly dense food which is rich in vitamin C and starch. It is an excellent way of stuffing yourself at a one-time meal and resisting the urge of extra and unwanted calories.
Boiled potatoes tend to have more satiety level than the fried ones. Hence, having mash potato at lunch will prevent you from consuming any other food before dinner time.

3. Nuts

Nuts have a high content of unsaturated fats and proteins. The unsaturated fat or good fat makes you full without doing a lot of damage. Though nuts are high in calories, their high nutritional values put them in the good food list.
You can also take nuts as snacks instead of unhealthy, typical snacks. They can fulfill your cravings and fill your stomach without gaining any weight.

4. Porridge

Most nutritionists and doctors categorize porridge as one of the healthiest and fulfilling meals. Usually, you take it during breakfast, and it will prevent cravings for an extended period.
Also, porridge oats have a low Glycemic Index, which means that the carbs present breaks down slowly to give off energy. In turn, it provides energy for several hours. Since porridge also has a good amount of fiber and other useful nutrients, your craving for snacks lessens dramatically when consumed regularly.

5. Fish and Lean Meat

Fish and lean meat have a high content of protein and low amounts of saturated fats. These food items have a high tendency of making you feel full. As such, it will help in preventing the impulse of mid-meal food.
Food that is full of protein has an excellent way of keeping you satisfied and help you diet properly. That is especially beneficial if you are aiming for weight loss.

6. Yogurt and Smoothies

Yogurt and smoothies have a thick consistency, so they can help slow down digestion, and they also pass through your stomach slowly. This process makes your stomach feel full for a long time, so you won’t feel hungry.
The good thing about yogurt and smoothies is that you can enhance the flavor to make eating more enjoyable. You can also increase the nutritional benefits they provide. You can do so by adding in fruits, which are high in fiber.

7. Avocado

Avocados are pretty famous for their extremely high good fat content. They only not provide your body with an energy source, but they also help increase fat solubility. Therefore, food is digested and consumed efficiently.
As similar to yogurt and smoothies, avocados also help you make full and slow down digestion, as well as capable of releasing energy gradually.

Final Thoughts

Losing and maintaining weight without depriving your body of the nutrients needed, as well as satisfying your hunger is not impossible. Snacking healthily is also achievable as long as you choose the right type of food to eat.
That is by having a little portion of the hunger-satisfying meal. It will help you get through most of the day energized and with small calorie intake and little to no cravings.
Give our list of 7 foods that fill you up and prevent hunger a try and let us know how effective you find them. Also, share your opinion on the information shared as well as what other food items are the ones that fill you up and prevent hunger.

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